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The 21-sun service miles into Hubei Hubei Sansheng Construction Machinery Co. Ltd.

PostTime:2011-9-14 12:42:02
    From August 23, 2011 to August 25th, "2011 China (Changsha) InternationalEngineering machineryMatchingA fair (hereinafter referred to as the "with" fair ") at the Hunan International Exhibition center. This is the only "construction machinery parts" as the theme of professionalExhibition"Fair, held with" is designed for Changsha tamp engineering machinery manufacturing base, strengthen Changsha host construction machinery enterprises in domestic and international competition ability, the promotion of domestic and foreign construction machinery parts enterprises to invest in Changsha plays an important bridge and platform, will "with fair" into leading the Midwest engineering machinery industry development, and ultimately for China engineering machinery fittings industrial comprehensive services to host corporate financial exchange, trade, cooperation in one of the large platform. China Construction machinery business services around the world has entered into with Changsha, fair, and exhibitors had intimate contact. The 21-sun service tour reporters in Hubei province in Sansheng limited company of machinery of project leading group.

The 21-sun service tour reporters in Hubei Sansheng Construction Machinery Co. Ltd.of project of leadership photo

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